Web Association Nepal

 is one of the Leading organizations in Nepal for preservation of Right and promotion of business entities of Website related companies and organizations. Web Association Nepal (WAN) is mainly focused its action oriented planning for uniting web hosting, designing, programming, web security related companies in Nepal. Website and its technology is now vital and first priority project in Nepal. Every person, organization and companies need website with its complete packages. We need to organize them in effective way for promotion, branding, marketing and networking of those organizations. We have specialized technician and experts team to guide facilitate and manage the skills and ideas in collaboration with different website related companies.
We assure you to raise your voice on behalf of organization to minimize cybercrime, to find out victim, to provide support and initiates to website related companies and organizations. Lets be united under the same umbrella organization, Web Association Nepal (WAN) to make the voice more stronger, more sharper and  policy as well as action oriented activities.  


Latest News

  • Notice for Web Hosting Companies

    Published on : May 18, 2015
    Web Association Nepal is going to start its Digital Concepts for connecting all Web Hosting, Designing, Application Development, Software Development companies with the vision of Information Technology Empowerment and Supports for the rights of the...

  • Important Notice for all

    Published on : May 18, 2015
    We would like to request you to fill out our online forms accordingly to provide your information, status, ideas, experiences and so on for exploring your profile and motivate the people who wants to go...


"Our vision is always clear that, young ideas always need motivation and support to grow up in the phase of stability, lets grow together being unite under the same umbrella"


-To list, connect and manage IT companies in Nepal
-To raise voice against cyber crime and activities
-To explore the new possibilities through study and research projects
-To motivate and mobilize young IT entrepreneurs
-To promote, preserve and activate web related organization and companies 

 WAN Activities

  1. Membership database research program
  2. Membership expansion and network development
  3. Seminar and interaction program among stake holders
  4. Carry out research program on website related information in Nepal

 Action Plan


  1. Research Program on Web Hosting companies in Nepal- May to June
  2. Membership expansion Program- June to July
  3. National Seminar on Web Security - August
  4. National Web Awareness Program- September
  5.  Mini Expo on Web Products- October-November